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Stand Oneness Facing Real Abusers TM


Stand Up, Speak Up!

See Something, Say Something!

Women Helping Encouraging Women was
founded upon this very thing! The Founder,
Advocate, and CEO Rochelle S. Morrishaw
no longer wanted to suffer in silence so she
found the strength and courage to Stand Up

& Speak Up with the intention of encouraging others to Stand Up & Speak Up as well.


We recognize Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault/Rape, Child Abuse, and other forms of violence that are happening in our community. We must unite and raise our voices. We will speak out. We will be silent NO more. We stand together in solidarity with the most vulnerable.


We dedicate ourselves to finding lasting solutions. We will promote laws that model, protect, and promote justice, enable healthy relationships… and challenge those that don’t. We will work to ensure that these laws are enforced.

We are *SOFRA* (S)tand (O)neness (F)acing (R)eal (A)busers

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