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Carnival in the Caribbean has a complicated birthright tied to colonialism, religious conversion, and ultimately freedom, and celebration. Former slaves transformed Carnival into a celebration at the end of slavery, mixing high-society celebrations with the cultural traditions they’d been able to keep hold of from the homeland, the celebration of their own bodies, music, food, and culture that slavery had tried to keep down!

As a descendant of the Caribbean, and a Native of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands our Founder is on a journey to Educate, Empower, and Entertain Lucas County residents, and surrounding areas on the History, and Culture of the Caribbean, West Indies, and African Diaspora.

Carnival is a celebration of freedom! Wearing a Carnival costume, dancing, and enjoying a feast are all a message to the oppressor (abuser) - you can no longer control our mind, and bodies or tell us what to do with them! Music, Family, Food, and Friends is what completes Carnival, and is part of what helped our Founder, and her mother to retake their lives after being abused physically, sexually, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Carnival day will be a judgement free Liberation Day for Victims, and everyone in the streets of Toledo celebrating with GCCC.


*Queen Show

*Prince & Princess Show

Carnival is esteemed by royalty in the form of a Queen and a Prince and Princess. These two sets of royalty are dignified by the age of the contestants, and they serve as the Carnival Ambassadors to the organization for the year.

Young women ages 16 to 21 compete for the title of Carnival Queen. They compete in categories which include (but not limited to) fashion wear, speech, talent, dance, and other standards of elegance.

Young ladies, and gentlemen between the ages of 6 and 12 years old compete for the title of Prince & Princess. Their section emphasizes on (but not limited to) fashion wear, talent and costume.

Band Launch

Once you decide to "play mas" aka partake in the parade day you will purchase a costume from a provider aka band. Your next step is to decide who you will jump with aka which section you will join. 


Firstly, you have to choose what is most important to you costume design, costume extravagance, band amenities, band age range, budget, ect. 

Each section usually has three designs to choose from...a male costume, a female frontline and a female backline costume. The frontline is the more fanciful and costly of the female options whilst the backline is more of a basic design.

Carnival Day

The word Carnival certainly brings to mind steel drums, bands, performing artists, colorful costumes, people of all ages dancing in the streets, food, sweet treats, mocko-jumbies and fireworks. And if none of these images came to mind, perhaps you have never experienced Carnival, so prepare to join us, as we debut Carnival to you all right here in the Glass City 2021.

Carnival is the most anticipated cultural event of the year in the Caribbean! Carnival is a festival celebrating freedom through dancing, singing, parades, pageantry, music, drinks, food, friends, talented bands and individual musicians, showcasing local crafts, food drinks, and fun. Carnival is much more than a large party, it is an exhibition of a cherished culture! You will all behold Carnival in 2021.

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