Hip Hop Class

Liberation Dance

Liberation Dance is about simply enjoying a moment in life monthly to enjoy a safe, judgment FREE zone to express yourself through dance while discussing & bonding with others on their healing journey.

They'll be Education, Empowerment, and Entertainment during these sessions! They're currently only being offered once per month, and there are limited spots to keep the group small for everyone to be attended to.

Dance Poster

Fete in Calaboose

Due to Covid-19, we're not currently offering this service. But, if you're interested in this program for your facility please send us an email to plan for the future! Whewandtik@gmail.com 

Calaboose means jail, prison, lockup! This program's mission is to radically improve the lives of incarcerated women through the healing power of dance and journaling. 

The challenge is not only to heal the body, but also the mind and soul. 

Artistic expression has been used to heal from traumatic experiences since ancient times. The use of dance as a healing tool is rooted in the knowledge that body and mind are inseparable.