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Butterfly Support Group

Our free and confidential bi-weekly virtual/drop-in support groups are for women dealing with current, or past domestic violence and/or abuse (physical, emotional, and/or sexual).

WHEW, Inc. support groups are for survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault/Rape. Groups are designed to allow survivors to share their feelings, fears, problems, and anxieties with others who can truly understand because they too have experienced these feelings.

  • Groups meet monthly for 1.5 hours

  • No cost to attend sessions (Donations are always welcomed)

  • 16 and over welcome with parent/guardian permission

  • Self and agency referrals acceptedCall or text (567) 315-8860 for additional information check the upcoming events page to rsvp...


Enchanted Butterflies

This Enchanted group is for Victims who are bewitch with their abusers seeking support to move on free from abuse.


Essential Butterflies

This group is Essential for Victims who are at a pivotal moment in their lives stuck between Abuse and Surviving.


Elevated Butterflies

This group is for Victims who have surpassed their circumstances, and is ready to Elevate and excel in life.


Loved Ones of the Departed

This support group is for the family members, who lost loved ones sadly due to a result of domestic violence.

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