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About Us! Our Why!

Women Helping Encouraging Women was officially founded in August of 2018. Our founder, and her mother are both Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault Violence survivors, who has helped many women, and children over the 3+ decades! After years of mental, spiritual, and emotional recovery, learning to self-love again, (E)mbrace others again, (E)ntertain themselves again, (E)mpower themselves, and others again our Founder decided to start this 501(c)3 organization to (E)ducate others as her, and her mom have educated themselves, to rebuild their self-esteem, and self-confidence through (E)ncouragement!


With our board members, and community partners our MAIN goal is to save lives, while making sure that our peers, and youths are (H)appy (H)ealthy & (S)afe! We want to prevent the use of drugs, and alcohol as a coping mechanism, and well as lead hearty, fruitful relationships with their partners!

I am forever indebted to Rochelle for her services towards me and my children. 14 years ago I was in a very hard spot and Rochelle would always be there for me. Whenever things got rough at home, she'd let me and my child go to her house from my abusive boyfriend. Her kindness helped me move away from that abusive situation and better myself. I now have two children and a stable job thanks to Rochelle.

-I/We Survived

Rochelle, I appreciate you for being there when I needed you the most. I remember like it was yesterday. We were on the bus stop by the McClinton Nunns catching up, and that's when I told you about my situation. I was getting abused by my boyfriend and I wanted to get away, my family wouldn't take me in only my daughter, and the shelters were filled. So I asked my family to watch over my daughter for me. You took me in. And I know it was a huge risk because you had four children and yourself but you did it anyway knowing he was stalking me too. Now I have my own house, I am taking care of my family, I have a son, and I have an amazing job I love! You helped me when you had nothing, imagine how you can help all these other people now that you have WHEW! You always shouted WHEW after a long day. All the best, God bless. And thank you so much again!

-I/We Survived

I am a survivor of domestic violence. My life consisted of awful situations of abuse. If it weren't for Rochelle taking in my young son and I, all hope would be lost. Due to Rochelle's kindness and heart, I have since then graduated from college, my son is in high school, and we are doing swell.

-I/We Survived

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